2018, Volume 3

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum – Plovdiv
2018, Volume 3 - Whole issue


Research Articles

Bulgarian Names of Domestic Animals in the Balkan Peninsula and Their Correspondences in the Scientific Literature
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 1-5
Article bnhmp-18101 [Full text - PDF]

Subfossil Fauna from “Forum Serdica” (Sofia City, Bulgaria) of Antiquity (2nd – 4th century AD) and Ottoman Epoch (15th –18th century AD) (Excavations 2017)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 7-13
Article bnhmp-18102 [Full text - PDF]

New Palaeobotanical Data From The Satovcha Graben (Southwest Bulgaria)
Vladimir S. Bozukov, Ognyan B. Todorov, Daniela S. Georgieva, pp. 15-26
Article bnhmp-18103 [Full text - PDF]

New Information on the Psocoptera fauna of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Dilian G. Georgiev, Ognyan B. Todorov, pp. 27-31
Article bnhmp-18104 [Full text - PDF]

New Materials on the Bulgarian Flora (In Bulgarian)
Iliq Cheshmedzhiev, Yulian Marinov, pp. 33-37
Article bnhmp-18105 [Full text - PDF]

Short notes

Psocoptera Records from Caves of Bulgaria
Dilian G. Georgiev, Veselina I. Ivanova, pp. 39-40
Article bnhmp-18201 [Full text - PDF]

First record of Aspius aspius Linnaeus, 1758 (Pisces: Cyprinidae) for the Sazliyka River’s Ichthyofauna
Zhivko M. Zhelev, Mladen V. Angelov, pp. 41-44
Article bnhmp-18202 [Full text - PDF]


Boyan Petrov - In Memoriam (In Bulgarian)
Dimitar N. Bechev, pp. 45
Article bnhmp-18401 [Full text - PDF]

Andon Darakchiev (1934–2018) - In Memoriam (In Bulgarian)
Dimitar N. Bechev, pp. 47
Article bnhmp-18402 [Full text - PDF]