2019, Volume 4

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum – Plovdiv
2019, Volume 4 - Whole issue 



The National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - 60 years since the management of the Corr. member of BAS Prof. Dr. Georgi Paspalev and the problem for the Museum's survival (1959-1965) (In Bulgarian)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. vii-xvii
Article bnhmp-19001 [Full text - PDF]

The National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - analysis of the current state, problems and development guidelines (An inside view) (In Bulgarian)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. xix-xxxiii
Article bnhmp-19002 [Full text - PDF]

Research Articles

Late Antiquity (3-5 century A.D.) Fauna from Building Excavations on Exarch Joseph Street (Sofia City, Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 1-8
Article bnhmp-19101 [Full text - PDF]

Eulophidae and Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from the Rhodope Mts. – Recent Knowledge, Gaps and Perspectives, with Some New Records for the Bulgarian Fauna
Ivaylo Todorov, Peter Boyadzhiev, pp. 9-14
Article bnhmp-19102 [Full text - PDF]

New records of Adscita obscura (Zeller, 1847) (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Procridinae) on the Balkan Peninsula
Ana Nahirnić, Stoyan Beshkov, Dimitar Kaynarov, pp. 15-19
Article bnhmp-19103 [Full text - PDF]

Late Pleistocene avifauna of Nanin Kamak Cave (CN Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 21-25
Article bnhmp-19104 [Full text - PDF]

Fossil record of the Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus (Blumenbach, 1799)) (Artiodactyla: Cervidae) in Bulgaria
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 27-31
Article bnhmp-19105 [Full text - PDF


Second Book about the Biodiversity of Vrachanska Planina Mts. (In Bulgarian)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 33
Article bnhmp-19401 [Full text - PDF]

Professor Angel Zaykov at Seventy Years of Age (In Bulgarian)
Dimitar N. Bechev, pp. 35-36
Article bnhmp-19402 [Full text - PDF]

Vladimir Beshkov (1935-2019) - In Memoriam (In Bulgarian)
Ivelin A. Mollov, pp. 37-39
Article bnhmp-19403 [Full text - PDF]

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