2020, Volume 5

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum – Plovdiv
2020, Volume 5 - Whole issue



Research Articles

Late Pleistocene Avifauna of the Pešturina Cave (Nišava District, SE Serbia) and its Implications for Late Pleistocene Refugia in the Central Balkans
Zlatozar N. Boev, Stefan Milošević, pp. 1-14

Article bnhmp-20101 [Full text - PDF]

New Data on the Fauna of the Late Antiquity Northern Fortification Walls of Serdica (3rd-6th century A.D.) from Building Excavations on Exarch Joseph Street (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 15-23
Article bnhmp-20102 [Full text - PDF]

A Little Dabbling Duck (Anatini Vigors, 1825 - Anseriformes Wagler, 1831) from the Late Miocene of Kremikovtsi (Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 25-31
Article bnhmp-20103 [Full text - PDF]

A New Middle Miocene Starling (Sturnidae Rafinesque, 1815) from Kardam (NE Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 33-41
Article bnhmp-20104 [Full text - PDF]

Avian Remains from the Thracian Trade Settlement Pistiros (5–2 c. BC) near Vetren, Pazardzhik Province (SC Bulgaria)
Zlatozar N. Boev, Sue Stallibrass, pp. 43-47
Article bnhmp-20105 [Full text - PDF]

Short notes

Odontomyia annulata (Diptera, Stratiomyidae), New Record for the Fauna of Greece
Sotiris Alexiou, pp. 49-50
Article bnhmp-20201 [Full text - PDF]


Corrigendum, Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 51-52 (In Bulgarian)
Article bnhmp-19002_Corrigendum [Full text - PDF]

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