2021, Volume 6


Bulletin of the Natural History Museum – Plovdiv
2021, Volume 6 - Whole issue



Research Articles

Data on the Study of Bird Distribution in Bulgaria in the Last 45 Years (1976-2020)
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 1-45

Article bnhmp-21101 [Full text - PDF]

The First Record of Insect Species from Wetland Ziban Habitat, Biskra (Algeria)
Nacima Deghiche-Diab, Lahcen Deghiche, Youcef Islem Belhamra, pp. 47-50
Article bnhmp-21102 [Full text - PDF]

An Early Pleistocene magpie (Pica praepica sp. n.) (Corvidae Leach, 1820) from Bulgaria
Zlatozar N. Boev, pp. 51-59
Article bnhmp-21103 [Full text - PDF]

First Record of an Invasive Clown Beetle Species, Platylomalus gardineri (Scott, 1913) (Coleoptera, Histeridae) from Greece
George Kakiopoulos, Jakovos Demetriou, pp. 61-64
Article bnhmp-21104 [Full text - PDF]

Short notes

Nest Site Interference Competition between House Sparrow Couples for Breeding
Veerá Mahesh, Lanka Suseela, pp. 65-68
Article bnhmp-21201 [Full text - PDF]

Notes on the Terrestrial Snails from Smolyan Town (Western Rhodopes, Bulgaria)
Dilian G. Georgiev, pp. 69-71
Article bnhmp-21202 [Full text - PDF]

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