BOTANY Hall in Regional Natural History Museum - Plovdiv

The “Botany” section has been opened since the establishment of the museum in 1955. Initially, the establishment of this section as well as the whole museum was based on the materials of the rich encyclopedic museum at the former French college in the town of Plovdiv.

The exposition of the hall is located in 12 separate showcases.

In part of the first showcase, 10 soil samples of the most common soils in Bulgaria are exhibited.

There are two showcases, where you can find models  of the most widespread mushroom species in Bulgaria - edible, poisonous and conservatively significant types of mushrooms are arranged on an ecological basis as well as the main types of lichens occurring in our nature.

The systematics of plants is represented in 10 showcases. A total of 107 herbarium materials were exhibited by representatives of Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta, Charophyta, Bryophyta, Lycopodiophyta, Equisetophyta, Pteridophyta, Conifers (Pteridophyta), Conifers Pinopsida) and the largest families of the Magnoliophyta in the flora of Bulgaria.

The exposition in the hall ends with a showcase related to Botanics development and basic principles in the collection and preparation of herbarium specimens as well as a herbarium specimen of different species of seaweed collected from the Black Sea and the Atlantic ocean from the rich collection of the encyclopedic museum of the former French College in Plovdiv.

In the center of the hall is built an artificial tree consisting a real beech trunk (Fagus sylvatica) with distinctly different annual rings. By counting the number of the rings visitors can establish how old the tree is.