1. AQUARIUM Hall in Regional Natural History Museum - Plovdiv

"Aquarium Hall" opened in 1974, located on the ground floor of the museum, it became a favorite spot for aquarists and visitors. Located at 100 square meters, it is the largest freshwater aquarium in the country. In conditions close to the natural, over 50 species of rare tropical fish from different countries of Asia, Africa, Australia and America are shown.

Today the Aquarium has 30 freshwater aquariums located on the periphery of the hall and one central marine aquarium. The species diversity exceeds 170 species from all over the world. Biotope aquariums with American cichlids, African cichlids from Malawi Lake and African cichlids from Tanganyika Lake are present.

Emblematic are the aquariums with African lungfish protopterus and arapaima (the largest freshwater fish in the world). Aquariums with different breeds of discus and angelfish, two aquariums with piranhas, a variety of characins, labyrinth fish and various crustaceans. Last but not least are the aquariums with characteristic Bulgarian fish showing the local diversity of ichthyofauna.