The marine aquarium consists of 6 aquariums with a total volume around 7500 liters. About 50 species make up our biodiversity. In the aquariums you can see a great variety of exotic fish and corals inhabiting the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans.

More well-known representatives are the blue tang, clown fish, lion fish, angel fish, zebrasomes and others. Besides corals, marine aquariums can also shelter many invertebrate animals, including the octopus.

You will also have the pleasure of seeing an unusual aquarium full of jellyfish from the Black Sea. Not to be missed is our newest ocean dweller - the blacktip reef shark you can only find in the aquarium of the RNHM-Plovdiv. It is housed in the large central aquarium and is currently about 60 cm in size.

In the future, an extension of the hall is planned with more aquariums, including a huge, ten thousand-liter aquarium, as well as an aquarium for representatives of the Black Sea fauna.