Mammals Hall at the Regional Natural History Museum - Plovdiv

The exposition in the Mammals Hall is arranged in two modules. In the first one are located the species of the Bulgarian mammal fauna. The showcase begins with an artificial cave with bats, and it ends with the sea habitats of dolphins and seals. There are represented  some species typical of our fauna, such as red deer, wild goat, mouflon, red fox, gray wolf and some rare species of the fauna of Bulgaria - Eurasian lynx, European Free-tailed Bat and the monk seal which is extinct for the country. The accent in this showcase is the largest brown bear on the Balkan Peninsula, awarded with a gold medal and the male roe deer, awarded with a silver medal for the country.

In the second module there are exotic species from all over the world. A big part of the species is represented by large cats: tiger, cougar, leopard, lion, ocelot and Amur Leopard - one of the rarest animals on the planet.

Of particular interest are the other exotic species - polar bear, American bison, wild ass, Bactrian camel and others.