The digital planetarium, located in the building of the Regional Museum of Natural History in Plovdiv was built in 2015 by the American company Evans & Sutherland, a world leader in the field. The planetarium boasts a dome 8 meters in diameter, and is equipped with a special projector with a "fisheye" lens, allowing projection on the entire dome simultaneously.  The planetarium software simulates visiting various locations in the Cosmos, objects and phenomena that occur in the Universe, and its biggest advantage is that it works in real time. The planetarium accommodates 50 seats.

Currently the program includes the following full-dome planetarium shows - ”From Earth to the Universe”, ”Cosmic Quest” as well as live presentations on various topics. Each show can be conducted in English with prior group reservation.
'From Earth to the Universe' - The night sky, beautiful and mysterious, has been a source of stories and myths since humans exist on Earth. Only recently we have begun to discover and understand our place in the cosmos. The show "From Earth to the Universe" is a colorful and inspiring journey to the farthest reaches of the Universe. On the way from Earth to Space, you will learn many interesting facts about the history of astronomy, the invention of the telescope, as well as the latest giant telescopes that allow us to peer deeper into the Universe. As a spectator, you will explore the solar system and the violent eruptions of the Sun. If you have ever wondered how stars are born and die, this show is for you! Duration 30 minutes. Recommended lower age
limit: 7 yr. Old
'Cosmic Quest' - This documentary explores some of the European Space Agency's (ESA) most iconic space missions. The show represents ESA's involvement in major international efforts such as the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope. You will be introduced to the highly successful robotic missions such as Planck and ATHENA, which explore all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, from microwaves to gamma rays. They will fly the tour of the Solar System, starting with the Sun and the new Solar Orbiter mission, through the planets and exciting classic and upcoming planetary missions such as BepiColombo, Venus Express, ExoMars, JUICE and Cassini. The Rosetta mission will take viewers to comets and the outer reaches of the heliosphere.
limit: 7 yr. Old