A total of 12 showcases are arranged in the hall, two of them glued back and splitting the hall into two smaller rooms with a wide corridor between them. The numbering of the windows is clockwise, entering from left to right. The exhibits are arranged in the relevant showcases by geological periods, from the earliest to the latest. There are specimens showing the evolution of organisms and their species diversity during the different ages.

The accent is mainly on specimens from Bulgaria and showing the geological history of the country. The most interesting and attractive exhibits are: the trilobites, the graptolites (showcase 1), the fossilized giant ferns (showcase 2), the two-part giant amorite Crioceras (showcase 3), the many fossils of Miocene rhinos, giraffes, elephants (showers 5-9), bones of cave bears, mammoth teeth and hairy rhinoceros, as well as tools from cave people (showcases 11-12).